January 7, 2011

Planning for potential care needs as one ages is a good idea, but many families fail to do so and are caught in a situation where, when care needs are present, they are limited in choices simply for this lack of planning. Senior care St Louis provider, Continuum wants St. Louis and St. Charles residents to know all the potential needs for care, and some options to get families talking about how they want to best live out those golden years.

If health or mobility problems occur as you age, would you be more comfortable living in your own home or in a care facility? Wouldn’t you want to feel in charge of your daily routine? Choosing the right situation for your loved one requires planning ahead, and many families don’t realize there are alternatives to institutional care as loved ones age, become frail or have an injury or accident.

Follow the links below to view resource sheets, tips, and options for planning long term care.