home care questions - companion care st louisWhat are your caregivers’ qualifications?

Our caregivers are reliable professionals who have been thoroughly screened, and are bonded and insured. Our caregivers come from all walks of life. Often they live right in your community and are active members of local organizations and community groups. We seek to employ people who truly enjoy helping others. Very often they or someone close to them has been through a situation similar to the one you may be facing; many are looking to help others in the same way they were helped.

How is your staff of caregivers selected?

Continuum follows a rigorous screening and selection process. We perform thorough background checks on all prospective caregivers, looking at felony & misdemeanor conviction history, Missouri employee disqualification list, driving records, credit check, reference checks & previous employment verification.

What happens once I decide to work with Continuum?

A social worker or nurse will visit your home at no cost to you and work with you to determine the types of services that will best fit your situation. This social worker or nurse also wants to get to know you, your needs and habits, which he or she will consider while developing a care plan for you.

When will I meet my caregiver?

Many organizations simply assign you the next available caregiver, often without meeting you face-to-face or providing any introductions. At Continuum, you play an important role in caregiver selection. We don’t even consider which caregivers might be most appropriate for you until after our social worker or nurse completes your in-home consultation. Once we understand your needs and your environment, our social worker or nurse meets with the Continuum personnel manager to determine which caregivers will best fit your situation.

Our social worker or nurse will then introduce you to your caregiver on their first visit. He or she will also continue to monitor the quality of our service to you. We also maintain detailed care notes on you to ensure proper tracking and oversight. Our goal is to foster a caring, stable and lasting relationship between you and the Continuum staff that assist you. That relationship starts with the way we treat you and our employees.

Who pays the caregiver?

Continuum takes care of all billing, payroll, employee/employer taxes, workers compensation & liability insurance, bonding and administrative/scheduling responsibilities for you. You do not have to worry about paying extra taxes, or reporting employment information to local, state and federal agencies. Every Continuum caregiver is an employee of our office — not a sub-contractor or independent operator.  We work hard to minimize your personal and family risks when you are at a time of the greatest need and risk.

Are your St. Louis home care services limited to seniors?

We are pleased to provide a wide range of highly customized home care
services that enable adults to remain safe, active and thriving, whether
the adult is age 21 or over 100. Because you decide how often and when you
need us, most people find Continuum affordable and convenient. Family,
friends or charitable organizations often pool funds to make the services
available to persons in need. Long term care insurance, workers
compensation and liability insurance carriers are also often involved in
funding our clients’ services, when they qualify, regardless of age.
Contact us with any questions specific to you or your loved one’s
particular needs.

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