banner of senior independence, hellp at home st charlesAgreeing to accept help at home from others is a difficult decision, because our own pride or independence seems to be in question. However, if frailty requires accepting assistance where needed, it is actually the best way to remain independent at home. Additionally, family caregivers also need to be able to ask others for help in order to decrease stress, maintain their own health, and to be able to provide the best possible care for their loved ones.

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Web Resources:
Click the links below to access resource websites to learn more about helping others maintain independence at home.

Helping Alzheimer’s Patients Stay Independent
While family members and friends of a person with Alzheimer’s disease just want to help their loved one remain independent, taking over tasks that the person is capable of doing can actually reduce the person’s feelings of independence and self worth. This article offers some helpful tips and insight on how to help without over-helping.

Stairway Modifications for Fall Prevention
Aging in place means creating a safe environment in the home. This guide identifies common issues with stairways and lists modifications that can be made to prevent stairway falls.

One Person’s Idea on Where to Install & How to Use Grab Bars
Simple home modifications can help seniors maintain a safer and more independent life at home. This video provides some helpful tips on where to install and how to use grab bars in a particular bathroom. Note that individual needs and configuration of the room makes for the particular solution.

Lotsa Helping Hands
Need some help caring for a loved one? Lotsa Helping Hands offers a unique tool to help you organize tasks and schedule others to provide help at home in St. Charles and nearby areas for your loved one.