December 10, 2014

safer aging in the comfort of homeAs we age, our needs change, and since many seniors are opting to spend their later years at home, this means our homes may need to change, too. In fact, 82 percent of older adults would prefer to stay in their homes, even if they need help caring for themselves, according to AARP. Simple modifications (or more complex updates such as wheelchair access, grab bars and new flooring) can easily make your home safer.

Here are a few ways to make your home safe and sound:

  • Change out your traditional doorknobs for lever-style door handles. Because millions of adults over 50 live with arthritis, swapping your current handle for this type means less painful gripping and twisting every time you need to open or close a door.
  • Install nightlights throughout the house. Because it’s more difficult for older eyes to adjust to a darkened bedroom, installing a nightlight in each room, including the hallway, is an easy way to prevent a possible fall on your way to the bathroom in the middle in the night.
  • Keep your heater at a moderate temperature. This winter, be sure your electric blanket never hits its highest point—due to reduced circulation, older adults may not feel it but could in fact burn their skin.

For more home safety updates, check out this article on prepping your home for safer aging.

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