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Welcome to Continuum! We understand that entrusting your loved one to a home caregiver is a difficult decision, and we hope you can stay a few moments to explore our website and learn why Continuum is consistently the top choice for in-home care and eldercare planning in St. Louis and St. Charles, MO. Care for Life begins here! Call (314) 863-9912 to get started today.

What Makes Us Different?

  • A 5-Person Care Team is assigned to every client in order to ensure proper assessment and oversight, at no additional cost.
  • We use degreed professionals to provide an initial free home consultation, develop a personalized plan of care, and perform frequent client supervisory visits.
  • We guarantee services by having staff on call 24/7 to make sure our clients get the care they need and desire.
  • We have an extensive hiring process using all possible background checks.
  • We thoroughly train our employees and provide specific training based on the individual needs of each client.

From The Continuum Blog

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New Discovery Indicates Sundowning Could Be Curable

Sundown Syndrome is one of the more challenging symptoms of Alzheimer’s for both patients and caregivers. Sundowning is characterized by restlessness and anxiety or agitation in the evening hours, as well as fragmented sleep patterns. Many people assume that the disease has broken the Alzheimer’s patient’s biological clock, rendering him or her unable to regulate the body’s sleep-wake system. However, new research indicates that patients’ biological clocks may not be broken at all, just disconnected. A University of Cambridge study shows that fruit flies that have Alzheimer’s disease still have a functional biological […]

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Multigenerational Companionship: How Children Rev Up the Health of Older Adults

There may be a secret to staying youthful, or at least young at heart, as we age. Kids! We often hear that caring for children keeps us young, at least in theory, but children may also help older adults remain healthy. Multigenerational companionship has been shown to relieve depression, increase exercise, and reduce medication usage in older adults. However, with more adults that have either no grandchildren or grandchildren that live far away, this intergenerational exchange can be difficult for some to obtain. Organizations have taken note and created some interesting opportunities for […]

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Tips for Traveling with a Person with Alzheimer’s

Having Alzheimer’s should not mean that a person must miss out on vacations and travel. However, for Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers, travel presents many challenges that must be prepared for in advance. First, it is important to decide whether or not travel is feasible. For those who are unsure if their loved one can handle long travel, taking a “staycation” in a local hotel and eating out may be a good test. If you do plan a longer trip, arrange for special accommodations such as wheelchairs in the airport and early boarding for […]