July 5, 2011

In the next 17 seconds, an older adult will be treated in a hospital emergency department for injuries related to a fall. In the next 30 minutes, an older adult will die from injuries sustained in a fall (CDC). With 60 percent of falls occurring in the home, it is important to consider simple home modifications to help prevent a fall and make a senior feel safer. Continuum has worked in hundreds of households and has seen firsthand how families can make quick modifications that will significantly reduce fall risks.

What do we mean by home modifications? Home modification involves adapting a home so that an aging loved one can perform the activities of daily living as safely and comfortably as possible, while maintaining some degree of independence.

The modification can be simple — removing scatter rugs to prevent slips and falls — or more involved — installing a stair lift or elevator to improve accessibility. The type of modification required will depend on the nature of the individual’s limitations and the physical set-up of the home, but an investment in home modification can help create a safer and more successful long-term home care environment.