August 22, 2011

For a senior with low vision, running errands can be a bit overwhelming, but there are tactics you can implement to help out your loved one. Shopping methods will likely vary according to mobility and travel skills, general health, and merchandise preferences. Here are some hints, tips, and techniques that can help make shopping more relaxed and enjoyable:

  • If only a few items are needed, the person can walk to the store and ask store personnel for assistance. If the same store is shopped regularly, assistance may not always be required to find needed items.
  • The store can be called ahead of time with a list of needed items. Grocery shopping can be done in this way, especially if there is a familiarity with the clerks at the grocery store and their assistance is requested at a time of day when the store is not too busy.
  • Consider working with a home care agency, like ours, where caregivers can assist with errands and locating items in stores.
  • Shop with a friend or neighbor who is doing his or her own shopping at the same time.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up a few items when he or she is out running errands.
  • Find an older adult program that sends a van or bus to a shopping center occasionally.
  • Arrange to shop with someone whose judgment is known and trusted, especially for clothing, furniture, or decorative items.
  • Order items by telephone from a mail order catalog.

Continuum understands how best to manage the needs of decreased vision and can help coordinate community resources and services as needed. For more information about how we can help, please call (314) 863-9912.