October 27, 2011

The following are some great information resources Continuum has compiled for you to learn more about what’s new for the 2011/2012 season:

  1. Information on Vaccine Selection for 2011/2012 Season. Find out more information on this year’s vaccine from this link to the CDC website.
  2. Learn about the New Fluzone High-Dose Vaccine for Seniors. This season, seniors can choose a higher dose vaccine designed specifically for people age 65 and older. Fluzone High-Dose vaccine contains four times the amount of antigen (the part of the vaccine that prompts the body to make antibody) contained in regular flu shots.
  3. Local Flu Vaccination Center Finder Flu.gov provides this handy tool to find places to receive vaccinations in our local area.

Sources: CDC, Flu.gov

If you have additional questions about whether you or a loved one should pursue immunizations, the team at Continuum would be glad to speak with you as well as refer you to some local resources to obtain vaccinations. Call (314) 863-9912 or (636) 861-3336 for more information about resources, our services, or to schedule a free home consultation!