July 6, 2023

senior lady sitting in wheelchair with arm in sling

Learn what questions to ask when transitioning home from the hospital.

It’s such a relief when the doctor tells you Mom is ready to start transitioning home from the hospital after surgery. However, as they hand you that pile of discharge paperwork and instructions, a certain amount of nervousness may start to settle in. Will your family member be able to take care of herself at home?

The St. Louis senior care team at Continuum is on hand to ensure you can smoothly start transitioning home from the hospital by detailing the questions you’ll need to get answered ahead of surgery:

  • What type of medical equipment might be needed (such as a walker, crutches, or telehealth tools), and who will supply them?
  • What phone numbers do I need to keep on hand?
  • Who will be able to answer questions about the medications? Should I get in touch with the doctor, the pharmacologist, or does the hospital have someone else for me to reach out to with questions about care?
  • Who is going to pick up medications? Do I need to rely on a family member for this responsibility? Will he/she be promptly accessible when a refill is required?
  • What types of tasks might be complicated to take care of when coming home, given the nature of the surgery (such as taking a shower or bath, getting dressed, going up or down the stairs, picking up prescription drugs, preparing meals, shopping, driving, etc.)?
  • What signs or symptoms should I watch out for that might indicate a problem during recovery?
  • Will the prescription medicines cause drowsiness or confusion?
  • What activities are not recommended after surgery?

Learning the best ways to navigate transitioning home from the hospital can ensure an easier and more comfortable transition following a hospitalization or surgery, but the most effective way to prevent post-hospitalization problems is by engaging the services of a professional home care agency like Continuum.

Our senior care pros in St. Louis, Kirkwood, Clayton, and the nearby areas can help older adults get settled back in comfortably after a hospital procedure, pick up prescriptions, and make sure the individual remains safe and well. Contact us online for more information!