February 6, 2012

A diabetes diagnosis for a frail senior can mean complications that a family sometimes isn’t prepared to deal with, in particular if the senior lives alone at home. To help St. Louis families living with a senior diabetes diagnosis, Continuum would like to share the following tips.

Make sure to check the senior’s feet for infection, as neuropathy is a frequent problem with diabetics and loss of feeling can be common, causing unreported open sores or lack of circulation. Also be sure to check skin frequently for signs of fungus, infection and even boils. Finally, it is important to medically monitor with blood sugar tests and journals, and ensure that the senior has enough tests and supplies.

Diabetes does not have to be scary for a senior and definitely not for family caregivers. For more tips or information, please contact us at (314) 863-9912 or (636) 861.3336.