October 10, 2017

St. Louis Home CareContinuum, providing home care in St. Louis, is pleased to share that there is great news for individuals with peripheral artery disease (PAD), a debilitating condition which can occur from smoking or diabetes and increases a person’s danger of having a heart attack or stroke, and sometimes resulting in limb amputation. Medicare will now cover the cost of treadmill therapy when recommended and supervised by a health care professional. With few treatment solutions, persons battling with PAD encounter pain and cramping in the legs described as “feeling as if their leg is in a vise,” according to University of Minnesota’s Diane Treat-Jacobson. Medications have proven inadequate in limiting pain, and although stent or bypass operations can certainly help, they’re pricey and come with particular related risks. The latest analysis is demonstrating that treadmill therapy can be just as effective, at a greatly reduced cost, and with Medicare on board to cover that cost, several thousand rehab centers are planning for a wave of patients willing to try it out. The expectation is that various other insurance providers will shortly follow suit and offer coverage for treadmill therapy, which is generally the case whenever Medicare covers a treatment option. Currently, over 2,000 hospital-based therapy centers are preparing to provide treadmill workouts to people whose physicians prescribe and oversee them. Because people that have PAD often limit physical activity as a consequence of leg pain, the advantages of monitored treadmill therapy go beyond reduced hospitalizations and financial savings to strengthening heart and lung health, extending the distance a patient with PAD can walk with no pain, and even potentially extending length and quality of life. If your elderly loved one is among the 8 million Americans experiencing the difficulties of PAD, or any other medical condition that makes living in the home independently a challenge, contact Continuum. We’re able to offer help in many ways, including:

  • Offering transport and accompaniment to therapy as well as other medical appointments
  • Assisting with jobs around the home, like light housework and laundry
  • Making wholesome and appetizing meals
  • Running errands such as purchasing groceries and prescription medications
  • Offering encouragement for seniors to participate in doctor-approved exercise programs
  • Providing cheerful companionship – a person with whom to take walks, enjoy favorite hobbies and leisure activities, and to get more actively involved in the world around them
  • And much more

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