August 15, 2016

Home Care St. LouisWith many older adults in St. Louis reducing their exercise levels, they may feel they do not have to be concerned about dehydration. But the reality is, as many as 31% of seniors are diagnosed with dehydration, due in part to the normal aging process. And the benefits of helping seniors stay hydrated are monumental: less falls, better orthopedic rehabilitation, even a reduced risk of bladder cancer.

Help your senior loved ones avoid dehydration by keeping an eye out for these early warning signs:

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Dry, sticky mouth
  • Reduction in urine output

If not addressed in the early stages, increased dehydration can lead to:

  • Confusion and anxiety
  • Hot, dry skin – or, cold, clammy skin
  • Rapid, weak pulse
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • And eventually, loss of consciousness

It’s crucial, especially during the warmer St. Louis summer weather, to ensure your senior loved ones are drinking plenty of clear, uncarbonated, non-alcoholic liquids throughout the day – especially plain water – and contact the physician immediately if dehydration is suspected.

Continuum’s professional home care team in St. Louis can help encourage your loved ones to stay properly hydrated through preparing diet-specific, delicious meals, providing companionship and watching for warning signs of health issues. Our unique approach to home care includes a 5-person team for every one of our clients. This home care team includes a primary caregiver, field supervisor, scheduling coordinator, nurse, and social worker, ensuring proper oversight so that as home care needs change, we can assist every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more.