June 26, 2013

Education is not only the key to success; it’s also the key to reduced hospitalization for older adults! A 2010 pilot program in West Alabama led health classes to educate senior citizens in an effort to help reduce hospital readmissions. The program taught participants about keeping a personal health record of all their medications and doctors’ appointments, about the importance of monitoring blood sugar for diabetes and the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. Sounds simple, right? The results, however, were astounding, saving almost $33 million in Medicare costs in the West Alabama area alone.

Read more about this program here. At Continuum, we care deeply about each client’s continued health and well-being. We offer educational resources that help clients track their personal health, and we work closely with our clients to educate and monitor a variety of health factors in an effort to reduce readmissions to keep clients healthier and happier and safer at home.