March 8, 2013

Reversal of Alzheimer’s Symptoms

The road to an Alzheimer’s cure often seems like a never-ending one. But could a recent study point to a potential cure for the disease? A new molecule called TFP5 appears to offer a new hope for Alzheimer’s patients. New research by scientists from the National Institutes of Health seems to indicate that when a molecule called TFP5 is injected into mice with a disease that is equivalent to human Alzheimer’s, the symptoms of the disease are reversed and memory is restored. All this, without any obvious toxic side effects.

According to senior researcher Harish C. Pant, Ph.D, the hope is that, “Clinical trial studies in AD patients should yield an extended and better quality of life as observed in mice upon TFP5 treatment.” Learn more about this exciting study in this article from ScienceDaily.