June 26, 2014

Medication RegimensBe honest. Do you always take the medication your doctor prescribes? New research reveals some very surprising statistics. Approximately 30 percent of new prescriptions are never even filled, meaning that many patients are not following their doctors’ orders. This new study also shows that the majority of patients who are prescribed medications for chronic diseases either take less than they are prescribed or stop taking the medicine altogether after about six months. Also, less than half of patients on medication for high blood pressure adhere to their long-term treatment plan.

Improper medication adherence is an increasing problem in America, and one that is particularly hazardous for older adults. Many seniors are prescribed three or more daily medications, and not taking them can lead to a decline in overall health. Find out more about the benefits of proper medication regimens and the toll that not taking prescribed medications can take on your health in this article.

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