November 15, 2023

 An older adult and her daughter stand together on the beach and contemplate the changes that come with at-home Alzheimer’s care.

Are you ready to take on the changes that will come with at-home Alzheimer’s care?

Alzheimer’s changes the life of the person receiving the diagnosis, as well as the lives of all of their loved ones. It is important for family caregivers to allow themselves plenty of time to prepare for the changes to come as they start the journey through at-home Alzheimer’s care and to find a healthy way to work through the various emotions that arise.

It’s important that Alzheimer’s caregivers are prepared for all the twists and turns that come as the disease progresses. It can be beneficial to use reflection as a tool to better deal with the challenges and changes. Continuum’s dementia care team members suggest family members try the following techniques:

  • Empathizing. Take a walk in the loved one’s shoes. Imagine having difficulties with regular activities that once could be carried out without a second thought. This can help reduce frustrations and allow you to accept and celebrate the successes achieved, regardless of how small.
  • Taking time to breathe. It’s so important to designate time to care for your own emotional health through whatever means is most beneficial: exercise, meditation or prayer, yoga, music, spending time outdoors or with pets. Caring for yourself is a gift you give to your loved one; you can only provide the highest quality of care when you’re refreshed and strengthened.
  • Journaling. Maintaining a journal of your daily experiences, how you reacted to those experiences, and what worked or didn’t work is a fantastic way to both serve as an outlet for your emotions and to provide you with encouragement in the later stages of the disease.
  • Socializing. Though of course you are spending plenty of time with the person you’re caring for, be sure to spend time with other people you care about outside of your caregiver role. Participate in pastimes and hobbies you enjoy, go out for lunch or coffee dates, or engage in any other activities with those who bring you joy and elevate your spirits.

Most importantly, know that providing at-home Alzheimer’s care for someone requires a network of support, and is never a role that one person can play by themselves. Partnering with experts who are skilled in specialized Alzheimer’s care, like the caregiving team at Continuum, ensures the best quality of care for the individual with dementia by providing necessary respite for family caregivers with trusted Alzheimer’s caregivers.

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