August 15, 2011

There are a wide variety of gadgets on the market to assist people with low vision. A few examples are:

Color Identifiers: These devices can distinguish between different colors and have various volume levels and include an earphone jack.
Voice Labelers: These devices record audio talk labels for identifying canned goods, medications and household items.
Talking Bar Code Scanners: These are handy for shopping or at home. After scanning the bar code, the scanner identifies the product.
Magnifiers and Assistive Readers: There are many different types of magnifying aids available, including devices that can read the text aloud.
Talking Alarm Clocks: These can announce the time, either hourly or on demand.
Money Brailler: This device marks denominations of money by pressing Braille text into the bills.

Continuum understands how best to manage the needs of decreased vision and can help coordinate community resources and services as needed. For more information about how we can help, please call (314) 863-9912.