March 15, 2011

People with MS typically don’t appear outwardly ill but that doesn’t mean the disease isn’t always present. In fact, 86% of MS sufferers list fatigue as the number one symptom of their disease. The exact mechanism of MS fatigue is not known, but studies suggest that changes in the brain caused by MS may require persons with MS to use five times more effort to complete a simple task than a person without MS, especially if aggravated by stress, activity, fever, and heat exposure.

MS fatigue is not just being tired — it is like having the flu without the other symptoms. Although MS fatigue is common and frustrating, there are things one can do to fight fatigue and increase energy.

A few hours a day of practical assistance from a professional caregiver who is trained in MS care can save energy sources from being drained.

We’re happy to make available for you the following MS resource sheets. Click the links to view, or right click to print or save to your computer.
How Home Care can benefit a person with MS
Multiple Sclerosis fact sheet