March 12, 2012

We love our Social Workers! Continuum has been based on a social work model since its founding ten years ago. This has served our company, our clients, and our referral sources well. We use a social work model because…

  • Social workers are trained to provide a professional and individualized assessment and plan of care to meet the needs of each client.
  • Social workers provide oversight for the changing needs of our clients and make appropriate referrals and recommendations.
  • Social workers provide education and training to our caregivers, clients and families on a multitude of topics such as: Family Dynamics, Communicating with People who have Dementia, End of Life Issues (The Grieving Process), Mental Illness, etc.
  • Social workers lead our “Care Teams” which consist of Nurses, Supervisors, Caregivers and Staffing Coordinators.
  • By assigning a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to each of our clients and their families, we are providing a level of built-in case management. Meeting the needs of our clients is our first priority, and our Social Workers are trained and educated to provide the oversight needed to meet the ever changing needs of our clients and their families.

Providing a social work model of homecare gives our clients, families and caregivers the extra professional support they need when confronted with difficult decisions, unpleasant situations, misinformation or lack of knowledge about a disease or diagnosis, family dynamics or need for referral services.