March 17, 2011

Nourishing a person’s mind, body and spirit are essential when helping a person with MS stay motivated and enabled. Due to the changeability of the disease, the type and degree of help needed will vary from person to person and may even vary from time to time for the same individual. As with any ailment that requires caregiving, family members can become burnt out or simply not know how to help. Continuum recommends turning to a professional caregiver for some respite help.

Physical limitations play a big part in the caregiving role for MS. It is important to know how to address these. A caregiver will help with all of these:

  •  If the MS patient is on bed rest, maintaining proper body alignment when positioning
  • Protecting skin from friction, pressure, and excessive heat, moisture, or dryness
  • Assisting with body mechanics for good posture, alignment and improved gait
  • Encouraging daily exercise and assisting with physical therapy
  • Providing tasty, nourishing meals and assistance with eating if needed

A few hours a day of practical assistance from a professional caregiver who is trained in MS care can save energy sources from being drained.

We’re happy to make available for you the following MS resource sheets. Click the links to view, or right click to print or save to your computer.
How Home Care can benefit a person with MS
Multiple Sclerosis fact sheet