December 6, 2011

Season’s greetings sometimes greet family members with alarming signs that additional care or daily assistance is needed in the home of aging loved ones. With busy schedules or long distances separating families for much of the year, subtle (or not-so-subtle) indicators can easily be missed. This year, make holiday visits a time to evaluate the needs of elderly relatives, and encourage in-home care solutions that will enhance quality of life and ensure safety at home long after the holidays are over. Seniors are not always aware of what would be considered by others a compromising health condition, and sometimes the fear of losing independence can make someone want to disguise care needs. Be a senior’s best advocate this holiday season, remembering that checking for warning signs is not for the purposes of judgment or criticism. It’s a check for wellness, wellbeing and safety.

Follow this link for a list of some helpful questions to ask prior to making a decision about staying at home with care or moving elsewhere.