November 9, 2016

news for diabetics - st louis senior home careWhenever finger pricks, sugar lows, and blood insulin injections are never far from your thoughts as a diabetic, take heart. The FDA announce exciting news for diabetics by approving the very first man-made pancreas – a hybrid closed-loop system that incorporates an insulin pump along with a continuous glucose monitor. This outstanding product won’t just promptly stop the insulin pump should the patient’s blood sugar level drop too low, but can even predict the drop which will help prevent it before it happens.

This specific higher level automation unveils a completely new world for diabetic patients, decreasing the need to be on regular alert about sugar levels, including concern with overnight sugar lows.

“You get almost normalized overnight blood glucose. For people with Type 1 diabetes, that’s massively important,” states Aaron Kowalski, chief mission officer for the JDRF, which has funded the bulk of research. “The diabetes isn’t gone, but [wearers] can think about it less …This is a historic milestone.”

While at this time there are still modifications to be worked through, for example the time period necessary for the insulin delivered to work and the accessibility of the CGM component, for most people, the potential for an enhanced quality of life is monumental.

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