September 12, 2016

home careOne of the latest buzz phrases in home care that we’ve heard about here at Continuum is “design thinking.” This term has become synonymous with creating products targeted specifically to the elderly and the home care industry. However, in its true form, design thinking actually encompasses a wider purpose: creating product solutions that make life more comfortable – whether the user is young or old.

Without question, the development of carefully thought out products can be useful for older adults, such as specially designed chairs to help with the bathing of dementia patients, or technology to provide better medication management through smartphone apps, but the most helpful and long-reaching design thinking covers more than a single generation. It involves thinking about the abilities and desires of a wide variety of users and trying to meet their problems with a universal solution.

Consider, for example, Nintendo’s hugely popular Wii game system. Enjoyed by children, seniors, and everyone in between, its brilliant design places a focus on the strengths of its users, rather than trying to solve a need to address their weaknesses. Simply stated by Kavan Peterson, the editor of, “Do not design based on decline”.

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