February 4, 2016

Battle Against Alzheimer’sAt Continuum, we’re all too familiar with the challenges associated with the battle against Alzheimer’s, and the toll the disease takes, not only on the person struggling through it personally, but on those who love and care for him or her.

We’re encouraged, however, by the great strides being taken to break the chains of Alzheimer’s, including this latest new development: the National Institutes of Health’s recent announcement that the experimental drug BPN14770 is poised to begin a clinical human trial. With less potential side effects than its precursor, rolipram, BPN14770 shows promising results in enhancing memory and cognitive performance in mice impacted by Alzheimer’s.

The first phase of the study will involve testing the safety of the drug in 48 healthy human volunteers, and based on those results, will then move into testing its effects on cognitive functioning, memory and learning abilities.

Unlike other studies currently underway focused on targeting amyloid plaques, BPN14770’s intended outcome is to enhance the biochemical pathway in the brain that’s responsible for the formation of nerve synapses and memory. Ideally, the use of BPN14770 can eventually also aid in treating other neurological conditions, such as schizophrenia, Fragile X syndrome, and developmental disabilities.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the progression of these exciting new developments in the battle against Alzheimer’s! In the meantime, contact us at (314) 863-9912 or (636) 861-3336 to learn more about how our St. Louis in-home dementia care is improving life for seniors, and offering respite for their family members, each and every day. As trusted providers of home health care St. Louis and the surrounding area rely on, Continuum welcomes the opportunity to assist you with all of your home care and dementia care needs.