April 5, 2012

Whether the passing of a spouse or a health condition has created the need for senior home care, arranging caregivers, managing finances and hiring new services to make living at home possible can be overwhelming. Many simply don’t know where to turn to seek advice or find a supportive advocate for their aging loved one.

Professional geriatric care managers (GCMs) are an excellent resource in these situations. GCMs work with families to design and manage a senior home care plan that suits each senior with the goals of improving quality of life and maintaining a person’s independence, meeting short- or long-term care needs and working with available finances and support to assist in making good decisions for the particular situation.

Besides older adults and their families, geriatric care management services are appropriate for:

  • A company whose employee is losing work time because of caregiving responsibilities
  • An attorney or trust officer who is managing the estate of an older adult
  • A physician who recommends in-home assistance or monitoring
  • A clergy who would like to arrange assistance for an older adult

For more information, please click here to read a short Introduction to Geriatric Care Management. You can also contact our St. Louis senior home care team to learn more about eldercare and how to get started.