November 14, 2016

Dementia Home Care in St. Louis, MO Mom seems to be a little bewildered as of late. Yesterday, she mistakenly used salt in place of sugar in her famed peanut butter cookie recipe. She called the puppy by my sister’s name. And she lost her purse, only to discover it in the medicine cabinet. Is it possible she’s developing Alzheimer’s disease or a different sort of dementia?

Though there are other potential reasons behind dementia-like indicators such as these – medication side effects or depression, for example – these types of warning signs help doctors determine if dementia may be the cause:

  1. Mental function deficits – determined by talking with both the affected individual as well as those closest to her, in combination with cognitive screening.
  2. Changes in former abilities – reviewing skillsets that used to be easily performed.
  3. Difficulties with activities of daily life – assessed through concerns mentioned by family.
  4. Various other physical conditions – looking at underlying situations that can bring about delirium, which mimics dementia, such as bacterial infections, thyroid issues, electrolyte imbalances, and more.
  5. Mental history – a total analysis of mental concerns that may come into play, which can include depression or schizophrenia.

Should your elderly loved one be diagnosed with dementia, speak to Continuum’s dementia home care experts in St. Louis, MO. We understand the complexities of caring for a loved one with dementia, and can provide fully trained, compassionate caregivers to partner with you in care. Call us any time at 314-863-9912 to learn more.