July 3, 2019

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Learn how to avoid becoming a bully as a caregiver.

As a family caregiver, you no doubt experience a variety of feelings during the day: shared laughter over a joke with a senior loved one; anxiety due to a health concern; and certainly, every once in a while, irritations. We wish only the best for individuals we love, so when a senior loved one is resistant to doing something we know is best, it could be tough to determine the most appropriate response.

One of the keys is to try to supply motivation and support, and also remaining cautious not to ever cross the line into bullying a loved one. These senior care tips are good to remember:

  • There’s no one-size-fits-all. An approach that works well on one occasion is possibly altogether ineffective in another. In the event the senior refuses to take a bath, for instance, you could simply let the situation slide and try again another day. Or, maybe reframing bath time into a relaxing spa activity will hold some more appeal. Adding humor may work effectively one day, whereas using a kinder, softer tone of voice might be the solution on another. Having multiple approaches at the ready can really help lower irritation for both of you.
  • Empower the senior to stay in control. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with the senior during a calm, peaceful few moments to obtain suggestions regarding how the caregiving relationship is going, and what she or he would want to see changed. It’s worthwhile to then take to heart the senior’s advice and integrate it in your caregiving technique.
  • Be aware of incremental bullying. While we certainly would never set out to bully a senior loved one into submission, it’s conceivable to gradually progress from support and motivation into pushiness and forcefulness without realizing it. Take an unbiased review of your inclinations in communicating with your loved one, and then take the appropriate steps to improve upon them if necessary.
  • Remember the overarching priority. Above and beyond the various tasks required in providing care for a senior loved one, preserving a healthy, happy and fulfilling relationship with one another is a top priority. If you find that the worries of providing care are outweighing the rewards for either of you at any time, there’s always the possibility of looking at alternate care options, allowing you to place your focus on spending quality time together with the older adult you love.

Continuum is the perfect partner for family caregivers and can provide the companion care services St. Louis and the surrounding areas need. Our caregiving staff are professionally trained and skilled in the multiple areas of senior home care, and can supply the help and support family members need to safeguard healthy relationships with people they love. Contact us at (314) 863-9912 or (636) 861-3336 and request an in-home consultation to learn the difference respite care can make in both a senior’s total wellbeing and yours.