June 3, 2016

home care servicesSince moving out of state last year, you’ve made it a point to call Mom every Sunday afternoon, no exceptions. After catching up on the week’s happenings, she always lets you know that yes, she’s eating well, taking her medications, getting plenty of sleep, and doing just fine.

However, seeing her in person over a long weekend vacation paints a different picture. Her once hyper-organized kitchen is jumbled with junk mail and old magazines, with a sink full of slightly molding dishes. The refrigerator contains spoiled and expired food. And most worrisome, there’s a scorch mark on the table by the oven. For family members living far away from older loved ones, these common signs that help is needed are often only evident during in-person visits. Nora Jean Levine, executive director from Caring From a Distance, encourages adult children to, ‘Open your eyes. Try and really see what’s going on and not what you want to be going on.’ It’s important to review both the home and the senior herself (for bruises that could mean a recent fall, signs of confusion or depression, and other personality changes). And in between visits, ask for the help of a neighbor you know and trust or an Aging Life Care Professional to keep an eye on the older adult.

Finally, the best way to trust that seniors are safe, secure, and happy is to partner with a professional home care agency, such as Continuum. Providing home care services such as transportation, medication reminders, meal planning and preparation, and comforting companionship can make a lot of difference in both the life of a senior and her family. Contact us any time to learn more about our St. Louis and St. Charles County home care services by completing our simple online contact form.