February 19, 2024

A senior receiving 24-hour care services laughs with her caregiver.

24-hour care services can give you the peace of mind you’ve been needing!

You had plenty of time to help Mom when she only needed assistance a few hours a day, a few days a week. However, as her needs evolved, having a caregiver around most days became more beneficial, while you took care of her on weekends. But now, you’re starting to realize that Mom needs someone there 24/7 to help her feel safe at home in case of any emergencies that may arise.

If this sounds like your situation, you may want to consider 24-hour care services!

What Do 24-Hour Care Services Include?

In all honesty, care requirements for older adults don’t adhere to traditional workday hours. The health and well-being of older loved ones are a priority at all times. While some may manage with daytime care alone, others may face challenges at night, necessitating the assistance of a professional caregiver. That’s where 24-hour care steps in.

With 24-hour care services, an older adult gets help from two or more caregivers who work in shifts to provide care. This model ensures constant care, providing peace of mind that a trusted professional is attending to their needs, regardless of the hour.

Does a Senior I Love Need 24-Hour Care or Live-In Care?

Though 24-hour care and live-in care share similarities, important differences exist to help you decide what suits your loved one best.

Live-in care requires the caregiver to have a private bedroom in the house where they deliver care. However, despite being present around the clock, they may not be actively providing care at all times, as is the case with 24-hour care. Moreover, with 24-hour care, caregivers are compensated hourly for their constant attention.

How to Determine if 24-Hour Care Is the Right Fit

If you’re grappling with the decision of whether 24-hour care is the ideal choice for an aging adult in your life, consider the following questions:

  • Would it be challenging to provide a live-in caregiver with a private bedroom?
  • Does the individual desire round-the-clock, active care?
  • Are you concerned about overnight wandering or incontinence?

If your answers are “yes,” 24-hour care might be the perfect model for you! And for those in St. Louis or nearby areas, Continuum offers 24-hour home care services tailored to provide the personalized and attentive care older adults deserve. To learn more and arrange an in-home consultation, contact us today online or at 314-863-9912 for help in St. Louis, Kirkwood, Clayton, Ladue, Sunset Hills, or the surrounding areas!