Want to be more confident and successful when presenting new ideas or managing a meeting with a patient, their family members, administrators or employees? What if you knew there wasn’t a question you couldn’t answer? A difficult situation you couldn’t diffuse? Unflappable explores proven strategies you can use to stay cool under pressure when the stakes are high. Whether you are dealing with self-determination, patients’ rights or you are presenting new administrative guidelines you are going to learn

How to improve your ability to think on your feet. This session will also help you unlock the secrets to handling objections and diverse opinions using body language to your advantage.

Learning Objectives:

  •  Learn how to use body language to promote a calm environment where people can share their questions, opinions and objections to the care plan or new ideas.
  • Learn techniques that will help you improve your ability to stay focused and think on your feet when backgrounds and approaches to problems can derail the idea or the meeting.
  • Gain confidence in using these techniques so that you are more equipped to find positive resolutions in your professional role.

Instructor Qualifications:

Steve Hughes is the President of Hit Your Stride, LLC, a communications consultancy that helps people look and sound smart when they talk.  His seminars have been featured on NPR and BBC Radio, and he is the author of the upcoming book Better Faster Speaker (Waterfield Press).  Today he works with a host of blue-chip clients including:  MetLife, Boeing, Nestle Purina, American Marketing Association, and six state bar associations.  Prior to launching Hit Your Stride, Steve spent 12 years in advertising and public relations—most recently he was a co-owner at a 40-person advertising agency in St. Louis.  Steve holds BA in French Literature and European History from the University of Kansas and an MBA in Marketing from Washington University, where he was awarded the Olin Cup.

Course Information:

The following are the test questions you will be asked at the end of the training. You will need to answer all questions in order to be awarded CEU credit.

  1. What is the definition for Unflappable?

A. Unusually calm in difficult circumstances

B. Not easily upset

C. Assurance and self- control

D. Unshakable, imperturbable

E. All of the above

2. Name two of three power poses that help you destress

3. True or False. When you use a power pose cortisol goes down and testosterone goes up?

4. True or False. If you know what your hot buttons are then you can stay cool under pressure.

5. How many kinds of questions are there?

6. When is it o.k. to answer a question with an “I don’t know” response?

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