Course Information and Instructions

Welcome to the HIPAA and Privacy Rule training course. Here you will be able to complete your training hour online instead of in person at the office. Please make sure you view all the training videos and complete the quiz at the end. If you have any questions, such as whether you have already attended this specific training, please contact Human Resources at 314-863-9912.

After completing this training, employees will:

  • Have a better understanding of what HIPAA is
  • What and who is covered under HIPAA
  • What persons or companies are bound by the HIPAA Act
  • How and when a client’s personal health information can be used or disclosed

To complete this training and receive credit, you will need to:

  • Read the power point slides
  • Watch the HIPAA Training video
  • Watch the HIPAA Violations video
  • Complete the online quiz

Verification Quiz

The following questions will be asked at the conclusion of this training session. You must answer all questions to be awarded 1 hour of training credit. You may not take an online training that you have taken in the previous year.

Power Point Questions

  1. What does HIPAA stand for?
  2. Name 3 examples of identifiers under HIPAA.
  3. Name 1 of the 3 entities covered under HIPAA
  4. When can an employee access or disclose a client’s PHI?
  5. Give one example of a breach of information

HIPAA Training Video Questions

  1. It is always ok to share the client’s personal health information with family. (True/False)
  2. How many identifiers are protected under HIPAA?
  3. In regards to Minimum Use, it is never ok to share the client’s personal health information with other co-workers if they do not need the information. (True/False)
  4. It is ok to leave paper documentation with personal health information out as long as it is out for a short period or if everyone around is a friend or family member. (True/False)
  5. Personal health information that is stored on a computer does not need to be protected since it is contained within the computer. (True/False)
  6. Violating HIPAA laws can have very serious consequences, including termination and legal or criminal charges. (True/False)

HIPAA Violations Questions
12. List at least 5 HIPAA Violations shown in the video and explain how it violates HIPAA

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