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Pneumonia and complications from influenza together represent the seventh leading cause of death for older adults. Besides protection against these viruses, properly vaccinated frail elders have a lower incidence of respiratory failure, kidney failure and heart attack. Call Continuum in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties today to schedule a free in-home assessment, and we can help to encourage and facilitate proper vaccinations as a part of healthy aging at home.

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Information on Vaccine Selection for 2011/2012 Season
Each year, experts study virus samples collected from around the world to identify the influenza viruses that are the most likely to cause illness during the upcoming flu season. The seasonal flu vaccine is always made up of three virus strains, one from each of the main groups of influenza viruses circulating in humans. This maximizes the likelihood of protection against the flu. Find out more information on this year’s vaccine from this link to the CDC website.Information on the new Fluzone High-Dose Vaccine for Seniors
This season, seniors can choose a higher dose vaccine designed specifically for people age 65 and older. Fluzone High-Dose vaccine contains 4 times the amount of antigen (the part of the vaccine that prompts the body to make antibody) contained in regular flu shots. Because aging decreases the body’s ability to have a good immune response after vaccination, the additional antigen is intended to create a stronger immune response and thus better protection against the flu in the senior. Learn more at the link below to the CDC website.Test Your Knowledge About Shingles
Think you know all there is to know about shingles? Take this test from and find out!CDC Summary of Recommendations for Adult Immunization
This is a nicely laid out table from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that lists the recommended immunizations for adults, the schedule for receiving them, and the precautions regarding each vaccine.Pneumococcal Vaccine
The Immunization Action Coalition offers a detailed Q&A page explaining and educating on the pneumococcal vaccine.Preventive Health Measures After 50
There are a number of recommended screenings for potential health issues and key ways to maintain health in people age 50 and up. Check out these ways to stay healthy from eHow.