Elder Abuse




Elder abuse is a very real but preventable problem. Because many seniors are fearful or uncomfortable with reporting their own abuse, it is important to understand the risks, recognize symptoms and know how to protect seniors from abuse. The informative resources below will give you a good start.

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Downloadable Tools and Tips:
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Web Resources:
Click the links below to access resource websites to find out more about elder abuse awareness and prevention.

6 Types of Elder Abuse
About.com provides a clear and concise list of the major forms of elder abuse as well as information on how to recognize the signs for these types of abuse.

State Directory of Helplines, Hotlines and Elder Abuse Prevention Resources
The Administration on Aging’s website provides state by state reporting numbers, government agencies, state laws, and other resources relevant to reporting elder abuse.

Tips to Help Protect Parents From Financial Fraud
AARP provides valuable information on which of your parents’ documents to gather and organize and information on the latest senior scams.

Elder Abuse Among Alzheimer’s Patients
The Alzheimer’s Association provides tips and information for protecting those with dementia or Alzheimer’s from elder abuse.

Indicators of Elder Abuse and Neglect
This is an excellent list of physical and behavioral clues to look for when suspecting elder abuse as well as indicators from the family/caregiver.