April 5, 2016

senior careOur bodies are so connected that when one part of our health declines, the rest of our body feels the side effects too. When we don’t eat right and exercise enough, everything suffers. A lack of certain vitamins and nutrients can affect everything from our energy to our mood. While nothing is a perfect substitute for a well-balanced diet, sometimes we need a little help, especially as we age and our bodies change. Vitamin supplements can help get energy and our moods back up, but it can be daunting just looking down the vitamin aisle at shelf after shelf of choices. With so many options to choose from, what exactly should seniors be taking? Experts suggest the following for seniors:

  • Multivitamins. A daily multivitamin specifically labeled as beneficial for those age 50+ is formulated to contain the right balance for most seniors.
  • B12. Vitamin B12 is crucial for maintaining healthy neurological function and red blood cell development, and can be hard for seniors to absorb naturally through foods. B12 deficiencies can result in fatigue, weakness, anemia and more.
  • Calcium. The jury is still out on how effective calcium supplements are for overall bone health, but research has shown it to reduce vertebrae fractures.
  • D. Calcium can only be absorbed in conjunction with vitamin D, which also helps protect against heart attack, stroke, and other conditions. Vitamin D deficiencies are also linked to diabetes, arthritis, asthma, depression, and more.
  • AREDS. This formulation of C, E, lutein, zinc and zeaxanthin has shown promising results in reducing the risk of cataracts and slowing the progression of AMD. An ophthalmologist should be consulted for a recommendation on which formula to choose.

Always check first with the physician, however, before taking any supplements, since taking too much of a particular supplement, or certain combinations of supplements with prescription medications can be dangerous.

As we age, adding more to our “to do list” gets tougher, especially if a degenerative disease is involved. At Continuum, we provide in-home care to help with the simple tasks like picking out and remembering to take vitamins. As our client, you receive a team of five exceptional caregivers including: a primary caregiver, a supervisor, a scheduler, a nurse, and a social worker. Your team works together to help you maintain independence while improving quality of life.

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