March 9, 2016

senior care services for brain injuryWe’ve all done it at least once in our lives, and probably much more often, especially as kids on the playground or ball field. It may have resulted in a painful lump and bruising, but with an ice pack and a pain reliever, it wasn’t long before we were good as new. However, a bump to the head has the potential to result in irreparable damage and perhaps even lifelong complications.

In honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month, Continuum of St. Louis offers education and resources on the sometimes hidden effects and disabilities associated with brain injury. While to the average observer, someone suffering from a mild brain injury could appear perfectly normal, the effects on memory, personality, thinking, movement, and more can last for days or even a lifetime. And surprisingly, most head injuries occur through what neurologist Viet Nguyen refers to as “nondramatic incidents” – falling out of bed, bumping into a car door, and other seemingly innocuous events.

For those suffering with or recovering from a head injury, normal activities of daily living can be a struggle. Professional home care agencies can serve as a lifeline to those with confusion, exhaustion, or cognitive functioning issues by assisting with cooking, housecleaning, transportation, and personal care. They can also offer respite for family caregivers, who can quickly become overwhelmed in trying to manage the needs of a loved one in addition to their own needs.

At Continuum, we provide a range of nursing services in addition to our non-medical senior care services, from nursing assessments to vital sign checks to helping with medications and coordination of care with our clients’ physicians. If you have a loved one with issues resulting from a brain injury, or any other health concern, rest assured that with Continuum’s home care services in St. Louis and St. Charles counties, he or she will be in capable, professional hands. Contact us at 314-863-9912 to learn more about our Missouri in-home care services and how they can help your loved one.