March 8, 2018

self-care tips

“It’s just been one of those days,” we sometimes bemoan, shrugging our shoulders despondently. All things considered, sometimes things happen that are entirely out of our control, and some days they seem to happen all at the same time – making us wish we’d made the decision to simply remain in bed! But the truth is, there are actually steps we can all take to turn those stressful days around, and also find purpose and meaning within our challenging experiences.

The next time you find yourself spiraling in pessimism over the circumstances of your day, try these self-care tips:

Take it step by step. Multitasking is highly overrated! Usually the feeling of having an awful day ensues from being overloaded and taking on too much at once. Setting boundaries to concentrate on just one task at a time can actually improve productivity and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Try distancing. The art of distancing takes practice to accomplish, but may be extremely helpful in keeping things in the proper perspective. To begin with, consider the impact a certain frustration you’re experiencing may have four weeks from now – or one year from now. Then, consider the advice you’d offer to a buddy in the same situation to create an objective solution.

Be thankful. It’s tough to hold onto negative thinking when making a conscious effort to realize the positives, no matter how seemingly minor they may be. End every day with a self-reminder of the top five things you encountered throughout the day. And keeping a log is a good solution to bring positives back into the forefront of your mind on particularly difficult days.

Create “me” time. Although it can seem impossible to actually take time for self-care with so many other priorities vying for our attention, it’s essential to both our mental and physical health. Schedule blocks of uninterrupted time to enjoy a relaxing activity, and stick to those times as you would any kind of important to-do on your own agenda.

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